Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

I have been asked on many occasions “why use a Mortgage Broker?” Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider using a Mortgage Broker in lieu of going to a lender direct.

More Choice

An experienced Mortgage Broker has access to a wide variety of lenders from the majors, Credit Unions & Building Societies right through to second tier lenders and non confirming lenders. South West Lending Solutions have access to over 25 lenders on our panel.

Saves You Time

Researching the multitude of lenders and rates could take a consumer days if not months to complete. When you finally find your “ideal” lender and loan product; do you know if you meet that lenders extensive list of lending criteria?

Using our Client Needs Analysis; South West Lending Solutions will search our data base of 100’s of loan products and locate the lowest possible rate from a lender on our panel that matches your individual circumstances. Remember that the cheapest rate may not be the best loan product for you!

Greater Chance Of Getting A Loan Approved

Mortgage Brokers ensure that they recommend a lender(s) and loan product(s) that will be approved the first time. The more times you apply for a loan; the greater risk of damaging your credit history. Knowing which lenders will approve your loan based on their intricate lending criteria is paramount to getting your loan approved first time. An experienced Mortgage Broker will have an intricate knowledge of the lenders they recommend.


A Mortgage Broker is the intermediary between yourself and your chosen lender; I like to think that a Broker becomes your personal banker where you can make one phone call (or email) to your Broker and they look after the rest.

Right Advice

Each person’s situation is unique. An experienced Mortgage Broker will take the time to listen to you and look at what you are trying to achieve and provide a solution that matches your requirements.

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